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Rangashree School of Fine Arts

The Rangashree School of Fine Arts is a Public Charitable Trust based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Established in 1998 by Paulomi Pandit, its objective is to promote Indian art and culture. In particular, it aspires to maintain the spirit of India's dance traditions through faithful performances and educational efforts.

Rangashree's activities, which include classes, workshops, and performances of classical and folk dances, are directed by Avani Pandit. The Rangashree School of Fine Arts is registered with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), and is active throughout India as well as abroad.

Contact information for the Rangashree School of Fine Arts is at the end of this page.

Rangashree's specialty is folk dances, particularly those of Gujarat. The Rangashree folk dance troupe has performed frequently in India and abroad, winning praise as well as awards, and bringing recognition to the dance traditions of India.


The group that became Rangashree was started in 1987 by performing artists who presented folk dances for the “Benefit for Drought Relief” in Ahmedabad. Paulomi Pandit, already an acclaimed Bharatanatyam dancer, became the leader of the group. She creatively choreographed traditional Gujarati folk dances, and expanded the group’s repertoire to include folk dances from all over India. Rangashree became a Public Charitable Trust in 1998.

Paulomi was also responsible for introducing Rangashree to international audiences. Rangashree’s artists have been emissaries of Indian tradition to many countries in Europe and the Middle East, including France, Italy, Spain, Dubai, and Muscat. In 2003, Paulomi started a related organization, Rangashree Dances of India, in Los Angeles, U.S.A., where she focuses her efforts.


Rangashree's activities have grown under the leadership of Avani, an experienced and inspired folk dancer. Rangashree actively presents performances of Gujarati folk dances, and offers workshops and training programs. Rangashree performs regularly in India, with numerous events organized by the West Zone Cultural Centre, the Government of Gujarat, as well as private and public institutions that support arts and culture. True to the spirit which brought together that first group of artists nearly twenty years ago, Rangashree eagerly performs in support of social causes such as earthquake relief and tsunami aid.

The Rangashree folk troupe has won prizes at many dance events, including Raas Garba competitions, and has received critical acclaim from prestigious organizations in Gujarat. Rangashree's performances are sought by leading cultural and social organizations, with both private and government support. The Rangashree School of Fine Arts has emerged as one of the top performing arts groups in Gujarat today.


Folk dance training programs by Rangashree have been organized in many academic institutions in Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Kerela. Rangashree has participated in cultural exchange programs in Hyderabad and Kerela.

Rangashree holds ongoing training classes at the Hutheesing Centre in Ahmedabad. A total of around fifty students in various class sessions include serious apprentices interested in performing professionally as well as novices who are learning dance for enjoyment and fitness. Fifteen of the artists in the Rangashree folk dance troupe are graduates of Rangashree’s training courses.

Rangashree’s folk dance repertoire, for performing and teaching, includes the principal Gujarati folk dances - Garbi, Garbo, Ghado, Goaf, Hudo, Raas, Rasdo, Supdu, Talvar, and Tippani; tribal dances from Gujarat - Dang, Dharampur, and Panchmahal; and several folk dances from other states of India.

Contact Information

Postal Address:
   Rangashree School of Fine Arts
   1 Gokul Park, Ambavadi
   Ahmedabad 380 015

For inquiries about any of Rangashree's activities in India, you may contact Paulomi Pandit in the U.S., or contact Avani Pandit directly in India:

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