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Paulomi Pandit is an experienced dancer and choreographer. Her performances include a broad repertoire of Bharatanatyam and folk dance items. She has choreographed a number of prize-winning folk dances, as well as original Bharatanatyam compositions.

Because Bharatanatyam originated from South Indian dance traditions, most compositions tend to use music or poetry in South Indian languages, even today. The exception is Sanskrit, which is often used in Bharatanatyam compositions. Paulomi has created a number of items using North Indian lyrics, from Gujarati and Hindi poetry. With Bharatanatyam now the most widespread and dominant of the classical Indian dances, composing in familiar languages helps audiences appreciate the dance items. It also helps dancers, who can better express themes when they have a feel for the language.

Traditional folk dances can be extended to theme-based compositions, and to use recent poetry and music. When this is done with the original form and movements of the dance, the style of the dance carries through to the theme. The result is a composition in which the theme and the style are in harmony. Striking the right balance between innovation and tradition requires experience, but the result is a more effective composition.

Other reasons for choreographing new items could include:

And you may have unique reasons and ideas of your own.

If you're interested in working with Paulomi on new Bharatanatyam or folk dance compositions, or adding items to your repertoire, please contact her.

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