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Performances by Rangashree

Attending a performance is a great way to experience Indian dances. Even in India, it's rare to see dances performed in temple shrines, and folk dances are usually only performed at particular festivals in the regions where they're popular. It's much easier to attend a stage performance.

Rangashree usually presents a number of performances each year. They take place during Indian festival days, at cultural events, in dance competitions, and for special occasions at Indian temples. There's also an annual show by Rangashree students, for their friends and families.

Whether expressing the uplifting energy of a Bharatanatyam recital, or the festive celebration of a folk dance, our goal is an authentic performance, true to the traditions of India's rich dance heritage. We strive to convey the external form and the inner spirit of the dance as purely as possible.

Performances are the reward for the hard work that goes into mastering and maintaining the art forms of Indian dance.

You can find out more about our performances here:

If you're new to Indian dance, the sections About Bharatanatyam and About Folk Dances may be helpful. They'll give you an idea of what to expect in a performance.

If you have any questions that aren't answered in this website, please contact us. We appreciate your interest in the dances of India.

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