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Photo Gallery

The photographs are in albums, listed in the table below.

There a few ways to browse the photographs we have. The links at the right side of the table select the different options. The javascript option is slick, but it may not behave exactly the same in all browsers (it's great in Firefox). If the fancy transitions bother you, try the the frameset option. It's fast, but you won't have captions (except over the thumbnail images). The basic option is simple and straightforward, but you navigate by image numbers, without thumbnails.

JS = javascript; FR = frames; BC = basic.

Photo Album Viewer
Annual Students Program 2008, Jun 2008: Highlights from the program by Rangashree students, at the Bellflower Civic Auditorium (38 pics) JSFRBC
Holi Festival in Riverside, Mar 2008: A folk dance and a Bharatanatyam item by Rangashree students, at the Lakshmi Narayan Mandir (20 pics) JSFRBC
Rehearsal at Hutheesing Center, Jan 2006: Folk dances from a dress rehearsal at the Hutheesing Visual Arts Center in Ahmedabad (12 pics) JSFRBC
Folk Dance in Dubai, Aug 2000: Folk dances from a performance in Dubai by the Rangashree troupe from Ahmedabad (23 pics) JSFRBC
Folk Dance in Ahmedabad, 1999: A folk dance performance by the Rangashree troupe at the Kashiram Agarwal Hall in Ahmedabad (10 pics) JSFRBC
Recitals in Italy: Various performances by Paulomi in Südtirol (Trentino-Alto Adige) in the Italian Alps (24 pics) JSFRBC
Recitals in India: Various performances by Paulomi in north and south India (26 pics) JSFRBC
Kalakshetra Days: The few pictures we have from Paulomi's years as a student and performer at Kalakshetra (19 pics) JSFRBC

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