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Some interesting on-line articles about Bharatanatyam, in no particular order:

Dance Teachers and Schools

If our locations or schedules aren't convenient, here are some Bharatanatyam teachers or schools we know and like. All of the teachers listed are graduates of Kalakshetra.

Kalyani Shanmugarajah in Northridge, CA
Kalapeetham School of Dance
Classes in Northridge and Lancaster
Phone: 1-818-892-4890
E-mail*: kalapeetham at symbol gmail dot com
Kalyani Shanmugarajah Photo
Swarna Balamurugan in Cypress, CA
Kala-Dwani (Teaching Bharatanatyam and Carnatic vocal)
Phone: 1-562-961-1189 (H); 1-614-329-8502 (M)
E-mail*: swarna dot balamurugan at symbol gmail dot com
Bindu Shankar in San Ramon, CA
Vrindavan Indian Dance Academy
Rupal Patel in San Jose, CA
E-mail*: patelrup at symbol sbcglobal dot net
Joyce Paul in Redmond, WA
E-mail*: joycekpaul at symbol msn dot com
Savitha Vishwanathan in Suwanee, GA
Nritya Sankalpa Inc.
E-mail*: nrityasankalpa at symbol yahoo dot com
Bevin Stark in Cape Cod, MA
E-mail*: bevinstark at symbol yahoo dot com

*Sorry for making you type the e-mail addresses manually. E-mail links invite spam.

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