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Lecture Demonstrations and Workshops

More interactive than a performance, and without the time commitment of a class, lecture demonstrations and workshops are another way to learn about the dances of India. A lecture demonstration has dance with explanations for the audience, while in a workshop, the attendees also participate in the dance. The plan for a lecture demonstration or workshop depends on the audience, their background, and their interests.

To discuss the possibility of a workshop or lecture demonstration, please contact Paulomi.

In her lecture demonstrations, Paulomi Pandit conveys the experience of a dancer in an informal setting. In places like Europe, where audiences are often unfamiliar with Indian culture, Paulomi has engaged them with open and accessible interaction. For more knowledgable audiences, lecture demonstrations can delve into the details of particular aspects of the dance.

Here are some examples of lecture demonstration topics:

These topics are just examples, and there are many other possibilities. Paulomi can tailor a lecture demonstration to suit the needs of almost any interested audience.

Paulomi has conducted many workshops dealing with aspects of Bharatanatyam for experienced and inexperienced dancers. She has also conducted folk dance workshops for groups.

Here are some examples of workshop topics:

Again, there are many more possibilities than just these examples.

In one successful workshop at a ballet school in Italy, Paulomi contrasted the movements of Bharatanatyam with those of ballet, and explained the use of hand gestures and exaggerated (relative to ballet) facial expressions to convey meaning. An audience with expertise in one type of dance was able to see how a totally different style of dance was possible with a different vocabulary of the body.

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