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Experience the Dances of India

Rangashree Dances of India specializes in the classical dance of Bharatanatyam (sometimes Bharata Natyam or Bharat Natyam) and Indian folk dances, particularly those of Gujarat and Western India. We work to sustain the spirit of India's dance traditions through authentic performances and educational efforts.

[Image: Bharatanatyam by Paulomi]


India's classical and folk dances are a window into the rich traditions of an ancient culture. Exuberant and colorful, they are pleasing to the senses. Yet they are also ceremonial expressions of devotion that reveal a glimpse of India's soul.

[Image: Gujarati Folk Dance - Ghado]

Ghado - Gujarati Folk Dance

We hope that you will enjoy these dance traditions and discover deeper meaning in them.

Here you'll find information about Rangashree, our Bharatanatyam and Indian folk dance classes, and our performances. We're also adding material to help you learn more about Bharatanatyam and about folk dances of India.

What's New

Please check out the Calendar for some late additions!

The location for Rangashree's Wednesday classes has changed. Beginning in July 2008, classes are at the Shree Swaminarayan Temple ISSO, which is right next door to the Sanatan Dharma Temple where classes used to be. The times of the classes remain the same, and we trust that this change will cause no inconvenience.

This website will be changing frequently for a while. There are many photos and links to add throughout the website, and a couple of pages in our section About Bharatanatyam are long overdue. We'll keep adding material, and refining what we've got, to make this website more and more useful.


Whether you're interested in learning the dances of India, reading about them, or seeing performances, you'll find information in this website that we hope is helpful. Please let us know what you think.